Friday, July 21, 2006

Google spider and crawling

Oh snap, Google

Yesterday I've been reading about the Googlebot since my site seem to have dropped out of Google search for some reason. Anyway, I did not find any answer or any logical reason why this happened. I'm a hundred percent sure that I've not been using any cheap or illegal SEO tricks, in fact, I have not been using any complicated SEO tricks at all.

The problem is that my old entries which I believe was indexed 1 year ago has disappeared from Google and Blogger Search Beta. This day, only the fresh entries of my site have been indexed, much to my horror and dismay. Gee, I hope Google deep crawls my site again soon.

If there's anyone who can explain this to me, it'll be much appreciated.

Anyway, this just gave me the oppurtunity to churn out content.

Oh yeah, I have links for you in case you're also curious about Googlebot too:
Google Analytics Alternative