Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This blog monetized by Google

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My geeky interests are all concentrated in this blog, so I figured why not make money out of it since I have nothing to lose by joining Adsense.

To be able to maximize earnings I need to jack up my waning unique visitors by coming up with more manga and anime-centric posts, as well as writing about freeware software and other nerdy stuff. I began this blog with about 50 unique hits a day and it started dropping when I fail to post any updates about my hobby. Actaully, just writing the words Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, and Bleach will jack up my pageview a bit.

The goal for this month is to come up with content to bring back my lost unique pageviews. Generating about 50 unique hits a day is not bad to give me a decent amount of CPM's per month, of course these are all optimistic calculations but it is very do-able.

So expect more anime and manga reviews, hey maybe I can add some links to scanlation sites. Now, all I need to do is study some more HTML to make a better layout. Darn you Timlight! Why don't you teach me these things?
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