Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Don't make mistakes like this in war


Yeah, dammit!

That's because it's the movies--Hollywood magic, suspension-of-disbelief crap, and all of the other bull that comes with the brand. Unfortunately, real life is generally a one-shot-kill world where one of the most important gear a soldier must have is body armor .

Australian troops at risk.

The reports reveal that faulty equipment is a more serious and widespread problem than has been admitted by the Government, at times jeopardizing the operations and safety of troops.

A defense spokesman yesterday defended the performance of the defense Materiel organization, the agency that buys combat gear, saying it had followed "strict government procurement guidelines".

"Army is committed to continual development and improvement of combat clothing and personal equipment," he said.

The documents warn that the new combat jackets issued to troops not only failed to offer camouflage protection but were "highly visible". "It appears as a bright glowing beacon when observed through night-fighting equipment," the reports say.

What the hell!? Glow-in-the-dark combat armor? Sad but true. Stupidity? You know, I never once in my life believed that the Philippines is the only country deep in corruption. Stupidity by the Australian army? No, I don't think so. Something this stupid must have very greedy fingerprints all over it.

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