Friday, May 13, 2005

Podcast mania

Since downloading This Week in Tech (TWIT) I've been searching the net for other entertaining podcasts. So basically TWIT made me interested in other podcasts. I can't believe how podcasting has become as popular as blogs; many believe that podcasting and video blogging will be the next big thing, and it's damn shaping up to be one.

Incidentally, TWIT is now the number one most popular podcast in PodcastAlley dot com. PodcastAlley is a site dedicated to quality podcasts and lists the top 50 most popular podcasts in the net. The site is very useful because it lists the categories of podcasts, gives a description to all of them, and they open user comments so surfers can see what other people thinks of the shows.

Please go support independent narrowcast shows. It's one of the most refreshing things in a long time.
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