Friday, March 25, 2005

Opera or Firefox

Two of the most stubborn groups in the net are the Firefox fans and the Opera lovers. A hot debate rages inside newsgroups, forums as well as chat rooms on which browser totally owns the other.

I claim to be an Opera lover, yet I somehow can't grasp the animosity that Opera lovers attribute to Firefox, mainly because I use Firefox too. I know that many of you are probably saying that the hottest place in hell are reserved for those who sit on the fence, because they don't know which side to step on. But just because I feel no guilt in using Firefox does not mean that I denounce being an Opera lover, no, in fact, I blatantly spread my love for Opera like gospel.

What I'm trying to say is simple. If you want to use Firefox, then do. If you want to use Opera, then by all means. Fans of both browsers should stop pulling the other down--"You need a hundred extension in Firefox to get the functionality of Opera!" "Opera has the worst javascript support!" Stop already! Let both software speak for itself.

I understand the need to inform people, especially newbies, about the functionality of Opera and Firefox, but bickering should be avoided. To outsiders, Firefox and Opera fans look like ravening wolves, ready to pounce at each other using flame wars as weapons of smear campaign against each other.

I'm an Opera lover, but I use Firefox--heck I even use the insecure, slow, and ancient IE sometimes. So which is better for me, Firefox or Opera? My answer is obvious--it's a matter of taste.
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