Monday, March 14, 2005

Alertspy is spyware!

Update(4 November 2005) : The link of the fix below is not valid anymore. Please visit this link instead for the fix.

I'm not even gonna list the url of this abomination. This site called win-fix dot com has infected me with an incessant pop-up ad stating that I have 47 spyware infections in my system. Apparently, this message is a false positive deviously devised by these thieves to force me to purchase their product called Alertspy. I don't even know how I got infected with their stupid pop-up ad that show up almost every hour, but I think these thieves resorted to phising (not even Firefox is immune to this method) to get people to visit their sites.

If you have been a victim of win-fix and Alertspy, the first thing you need to do is never download, purchase, or install their Alertspy product, it does nothing to solve the problem. I urge you instead to go here for instructions on how to remove the annoying messenger service pop-ups that they bombard you with.

The url for the removal procedure above is the legit, do not trust win-fix dot com.

Remember the names: avoid win dash fix dot com, avoid Alertspy. They are thieves.
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